Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Remote-Anything 5.7.5 32-Bit & 64-Bit

Seeds: 140
Peers: 72


Remote-Anything torrent

Size: 811 mb
Files: 3

Version: 5.7.5
Category: Internet|Remote Utils
Developer: TWD Industries SAS
Size: 811 mb
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Review: Getting control of another computer on the network is not a difficult task, especially when you get up-to-application task at hand. Its called remote computing, and it proves useful for a wide range of activities, from conferences and sessions helpdesk for general monitoring or file transfer. Remote everything is exactly the type of program that you need to watch the activity on multiple computers, start chat sessions, and to remotely reboot or lock workstations in ; your network. It requires no installation and consists mainly of a master body to run on your computer, and a slave module, which should be used in workstations that and you want to monitor and control. There's not much to say about its interface, because the demand is placed on functionality rather than looks. Encases the main window buttons and shortcuts for all its features, sparing you to explore difficult and complex menus. From here you can manually add network computers based on their IP and MAC address, but the application also have the option to record all such stations are running slave , Apart and will show them all in a list from which you can choose each one individually and perform different actions. Actions that you can perform, including file transfer traceroute, you see the remote screen kompjuterëte, Ping, hardware inventory, log off and Wake-on-LAN sessions. The most obvious advantage is that you can perform different actions on different computers, which allows you to multi task your hearing away t. This allows for a number of activities, such as user support and Helpdesk, and even teaching. The truth is that everything Remote is less complicated to work with compared to other solutions remote computing. It requires no installation and it all comes down to run some services. With its perfect detection algorithm is to identify the slave remote kompjuterëte you want to see in real time a piece of cake and different actions you can perform in the workplace, you do not have physical access to recommend it as a good solution to remote.

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