Saturday, March 8, 2014

WWW File Share Pro 7.0 (Windows XP/7) Torrent

Seeds: 116
Peers: 73

WWW File Share Pro

WWW File Share Pro torrent

Size: 12 mb
Files: 2

Version: 7.0
Category: Internet|File Sharing
Developer: LionMax Software
Size: 12 mb
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Review: WWW File Share Pro is easy to use application that allows you to share files with friends over the network. It can be easily implemented even by users without experience in these tools. The interface is represented by a simple window with a simple layout and well defined. So all you have to do is set the directory download and upload the port number to initialize the process of sharing. WWW File Share Pro automatically brings web page in the default web browser, including your IP address manually stresses. You can see all the shared files and folders, and a link to other users that want to provide access. It is also possible to download additional components directly from the website. Experienced users can look at the Advanced panel to configure other options. For example, you can view the log details, users and active connections with top file. But you can also specify a size limit Upload file, HTML page title and the footer. In addition, you can enable password protection for the entire web site to filter user access, password protect and hide files and folders from unauthorized users Click OK, and IP ban. Additional options for Network File Share Pro allows you to play sounds (eg finished downloading the file, user login), install NT service, disable logging files, a frame stays above other windows, optimize computer performance, as well as defining Network File Share Pro starts automatically at system startup. The application requires very low when it comes to the CPU and memory system, so it should not interfere with the performance of other applications. It is very stable and cause us any problems during our tests, as n freeze, crash or pop-up error notifications. To conclude, WWW File Share Pro is a simple and secure way to share files between multiple users, and search functionality can easily understand.

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