Saturday, October 26, 2013

ExtremeCopy Pro 2.3.4 Torrent

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ExtremeCopy Pro

ExtremeCopy Pro torrent

Size: 13 mb
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Version: 2.3.4
Category: System|File Management
Developer: EaserSoft Inc
Size: 13 mb
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Review: Extreme Copy Pro is an easy to use tool that aims to help you transfer files faster than the standard Windows copy tool. It is designed to improve your efficiency when working with frequent copy and move operations. The program is integrated with the Windows interface and paste actually replace shortcuts when working with files or folders. It is also present in the context menu where you can find this option to place the files normally or to launch the program. You can use the context menu to open the main program window to select the items that you need to copy and destination. The dialog also allows you to filter the files you need to copy using wildcards. The advanced settings let you change the behavior of the application when it needs to overwrite a file or an error occurs. You can configure the program to confirm the action or to execute a preset action if certain criteria are met. If you need to make file transfers more than once, the task parameters are easily saved and loaded later. This, along with the ability to configure the standard file replacement you can use the application as a folder synchronization utility. The interface is simple and easy to use as all the parameters are known and can be accessed from a single window. It also includes a detailed documentation that explains its use and configuration. However, the speed improvements are not quite as obvious as it should. During our review, it is speed and time equal to or very close to the normal operation of the paste. A slight improvement can be detected, but far from the advertised amount. Extreme Copy Pro allows you to improve the speed of file transfer and is seamlessly integrated into the Windows shell. You should give it a try to test the performance for yourself before using it permanently.

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