Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Add-Remove Master 6.0

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Add-Remove Master

Add-Remove Master torrent

Size: 14 mb
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Version: 6.0
Category: Tweak|Uninstallers
Developer: Mohamed El-Bably
Size: 14 mb
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Review: Add-Remove Master is a tool designed to manage applications on your? Om operating system. After the program are? Its user-friendly interface, it is necessary to re configure? Use them? Ite - Basic mode? Them (Easy), Standard Mode and Advanced Mode (for experts only). In other words, Add-Remove Master evolved while retaining the how the new use? User, and experienced in the mind. Optionally can? Can authorize application for watching programs in groups and show programs such as DLA? Dice. Thus, the main interface tool can? Can change or remove programs, add new programs, add or remove Windows components, or Mo? Company Access. Can? Can change the display mode? Their applications as well as Internet Explorer (DLA? Ba, large icons, list, details, name of group), or the report? The default , my budget? Irene re? ime. In the advanced mode? Mode, there is a Find function, and can? Themselves can obtain information about a particular program (eg asset value), as well as adding a new item? Goal to list , indicating the name of the registry keys, program name, command odin? tall and optionally program, version, program icon and comment. In addition, can? Can create a report from Nain? Both installed programs, select, while the Options menu allows? Apply show hidden programs and Windows updates, unplug history appears A dialog box to confirm the deletion, set the double-click event and change the interface. Add-Remove Master Mobilisation? Iva small amount? Traffic regulations of system resources, it comes with a well designed help file and a frostitan or accident during the? Their tests. Av? When, it does not seem offering outstanding solutions? Membership Remove Programs. Nevertheless, we recommend it in? All? User ID.

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